Bring Your Cat to Vets in Croydon ASAP if You Notice These 4 Symptoms


When it comes to veterinary emergencies, most people think about breathing difficulties or the consumption of toxic substances. However, not all veterinary emergencies are as easy to notice. One example of such an emergency is urinary obstruction in cats.

Urinary obstruction is almost exclusive to male felines due to the fact that the urethra of a male cat is much narrower than that of their female counterparts. The condition itself is not as common as you may think, but it can potentially be a lethal condition if it isn’t treated by vets in Croydon early. Fortunately, cats that are developing an obstruction will often exhibit several symptoms, including:

Failed Attempts to Urinate

Despite the blockage, your feline friend will still attempt to urinate. In most cases, he will be unable to urinate at all. Sometimes, he will only be able to expel a very minute amount of urine. Read more from this blog.


Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer: Tips from Experienced Vets in Croydon

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Pet owners who live in Croydon benefit from a pet-friendly environment. The borough has dozens of parks and open spaces where you can take you furry friends for long walks, and several awareness events are organised throughout the year.

 Croydon is also known for its hot summers, though, and it’s something that pet owners should be wary of. With summer just around the corner, it’s important to make sure you know how to keep your pets healthy and comfortable.

Though most animals have their own ways of cooling their bodies during the summer, you can be sure that offering them a little help will never go amiss. Small pets, in particular, may have a hard time dealing with high temperatures. Here are four top tips on how to care for your pets during the summer. Read more from this blog.

Croydon Vets Share 4 Effective Ways You Can Prevent a Pet Emergency


Accidents can happen at any time. When one such unfortunate incident befalls your beloved pet, it pays to be prepared. The most important thing to do is to keep calm and never leave your pet attended. If you need to leave, ask a person you can trust to stay while you are away, and return as soon as possible.

Preparing for a pet emergency

Know what your primary veterinarian’s protocol is ahead of time regarding emergency care. If your pet is suffering from a medical condition that could result in an emergency at any time, be sure to have her important medical records available so the vet can immediately review them.

What to do in case of emergency

Call a veterinarian immediately. Even if it’s after-hours, most vets in Croydon, such as Anne Nelson Vets, can provide emergency treatment or advice outside of their opening hours. Read more on this article.

Vets in Croydon Share 5 Handy Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Your pet dog is happiest when you’re always home. However, staying at home all the time is an utter impossibility for most people, as work and other necessary activities require you to leave your pets home alone. If you feel guilty leaving your four-legged family member for hours at a time, Croydon vets share with you a few guidelines to ensure they stay comfortable and anxiety-free.

Walk your dog before leaving home

A brisk walk or a little playtime before you leave the home is a great way to leave a calm dog. These activities tire your dog out, so he might feel like napping while you’re away. They also level out his brain chemistry the same way you feel good after a thorough workout. Read more from this blog