Learn More About Ear Infections in Dogs and Get Help from Vets in Surrey

Animals suffer from health issues just like humans do, and it is imperative to ensure that they get suitable treatment. Taking care of a pet calls for an understanding of the potential health issues that they may face and how to spot them when they appear. An ear infection in a dog is one of the common problems that a pet owner should know about. A dog that is suffering from an ear infection should see a vet as soon as possible for treatment. However, it helps to know what to watch out for before seeking the expertise of licensed vets.

Common Causes

Typically, ear infections in canines are bacterial. When infected, inflammations may occur in the middle ear (Otitis media) or in the internal ear (Otitis interna). Besides bacteria, an ear infection may be due to allergies, excessive hair, ear mites, moisture, or wax in the hearing canal.


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